Campaign Background

The World
The world has changed over the last two millennia. Every sentient race have been hunted to near extinction by demons and forced into cooperation and fortress cities. Race segregation is non-existent, simple survival forcing new alliances and a plethora of half breeds. Civilians and especially females have suffered enormously. Females are exceedingly rare and females of a child bearing age is treasured and protected at all costs, because they are key to survival of the races.

Growing up in the world
Children are seldom reared by the family, instead left in a communal crèche which handles the upbringing and training of children. In this crèche the children are leaning Survival skills, Cooperation and forms a clan-like bond to their crèche mates. As the children grows up and approaches adulthood, the males and females is separated. Males will focus on martial skills and females more on

Surviving in the World
The sentient races are no longer the apex predators in the world. The demon horde overran almost all of the civilised areas in a orgy of blood. Only the inherent chaotic instincts of the demons saved some strongholds. These Fortress Cities, mostly human fortresses and dwarven cities, are small islands of civilisation in a sea of chaos. Every time someone ventures outside the cities, they are either protected by the militia or on their own.



Campaign Background

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